Garage Door Spring Repair
New Jersey

Your garage door springs are one of the most important parts of your garage door , they do the heavy lifting — four times a day in most homes. Make sure that your springs are in the best condition possible, whether that means garage door spring replacement or repair. Garage door springs have a life expectancy measured in cycles not years. One cycle is a single opening and closing sequence, which means the more you use the door, the shorter the life expectancy of the springs. In busy households, the number of cycles can add up quickly, increasing the chance that you’ll experience a broken garage door spring. There are two types of garage door springs. The first, torsion springs are mounted above the garage door. The other, extension springs are mounted above the door tracks or on either side.

Broken Springs… Garage Door Doesn’t Go Up

If you are unsure if a garage door spring is broken, Call Garage Door Repair New Jersey and a professional can assess the situation over the phone and if need be, get a service technician out right away. Please don’t attempt to change a spring yourself as it can be dangerous, call Garage Door Repair New Jersey and let us do the heavy lifting. Broken springs represent the most common type of repair call for garage door repair technicians, here are a few questions and answers that will help you determine if you have a broken spring and what to do next. How do I know my garage door spring has broken? If you find that your garage door will not open the whole way, and is only going up by an inch or more, it may not be caused by the springs and not a problem with your garage door opener. To see if your spring has broken, check the area above your door to find the springs. These are attached to a bar that spans the width of the garage door. If the spring is broken then there will be a gap between the coils.

Broken Springs… Garage Door Doesn’t Go Up

Garage door spring repair may be needed for a range of reasons. Between factors such as weather, age and regular use, there are plenty of opportunities for even the finest door springs to go awry over time. The most common reasons for repair include:

Wear and tear: Daily use inevitably adds up over time, leading to misaligned or worn-down springs. Even springs with a long shelf life eventually require repairs or replacement.

Rust: Wet weather and humidity can lead to rust, which corrodes springs and weakens the coils. Applying lubricant regularly and scheduling maintenance and repair checks can help prevent rust issues from building up.

Poor maintenance: Neglecting to schedule maintenance checks or regularly inspect your garage door can give small issues room to grow, particularly during poor weather.

Same-Day Service for Commercial and Residential Spring Repairs and Replacement

Whether you’re a homeowner with a standard one or two-car garage or the business manager of an expansive industrial facility, Garage Door Repair New Jersey has the expertise to handle any spring repair or replacement. Depending on how much you use your garage door, we offer two types of quality springs:

Standard Springs:Our standard 10,000 cycle* springs are backed by a four-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

High-Cycle Springs: For longer lasting performance, choose our 100,000* high-cycle springs that are now powder coated. These springs are larger in length and inside diameter, resist rust, last longer than traditional springs and are guaranteed for life. Great for larger families, multiple vehicles and where the garage door is used more like your front door.